About ML Healthcare

ML Healthcare was established as a way of addressing the critical gap that so often occurs when an injury victim does not have sufficient access to healthcare. We bridge this gap by giving injured clients access to a network of skilled, carefully screened healthcare providers so they can receive treatment right away instead of waiting on their settlements.  Likewise, we make it possible for these healthcare providers to treat more patients that ordinarily could not afford their medical services.

We have developed an extensive provider network with a wide range of healthcare support and services, including hospitals, pain management centers, surgical centers, physical therapists and others—virtually any type of healthcare that might be required to help return the client to pre-injury status. We charge no up-front fees or interest; we are simply paid when the client receives settlement.

At ML Healthcare, we understand that clients with little or no health insurance coverage can be burdened by the challenge of finding affordable treatment. By bridging the gap between attorneys, their clients and healthcare providers, we empower those clients to get the treatment they need, when they need it.